Our Story

Greater Life Community Center (GLCC) is a hub dedicated to equitable care access for individuals with age differences who face economic and social barriers, health, functional ability, lifestyle, ethnicity, religious beliefs, values, needs, social interests, and skills.

Since its inception in 2018, the wellness programs have included a pilot program that addresses trauma inflicted upon individuals and families in our community. The goal is to promote mental wellness with ongoing collaboration from Licensed Professional Counselors and Trauma Specialists and various supports such as psychoeducation, social and emotional learning support, individual and group therapy, and other resources to improve health outcomes.

Greater Life Community Center (GLCC) is in Lindsay Heights (zip code 53206), where 50% of residents live below the poverty level and 98% are minorities. With the focus on meeting the needs of Lindsay Heights neighborhoods, we strive to transform individuals and populations through education, healthcare maintenance, mental health services, and affordable care through the free health services at the GLCC Wellness Center.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Greater Galilee Community Development Corporation (GGCDC) is to promote individual empowerment in a community setting through multigenerational learning, social engagement and purposeful, positive interaction. Our programs and activities foster active aging and independence, while taking into consideration individual differences in health and functional ability and differences in lifestyle, ethnicity, religious beliefs, values, needs, social interests and skills.

The specific continued goal is:  The Greater Life Community Center is designed to reflect the theme of “crossroads”: Where generations connect and communities are strengthened. The programs include a senior center, a primary care wellness center that focuses on physical and mental health issues, a senior nutrition program, a dance studio, technology lab and other multigenerational programming initiatives.

The goals also include building connections across age, race, socio-economic classes and other traditional divides. We will continue to promotes healthy living through access to an integrated system of health and social services.

Our Founder


Johnny C. White, Jr.    
Founder & President GGCDC

Johnny C. White, Jr., is the Founder and CEO of the Greater Galilee Community Development Center (GGCDC). His vision, hard work, education, strong spiritual upbringing, and commitment to health equality for all and the betterment of humanity led to the development of GGLCDC’s subsidiary, Greater Life Community Center, in 2018. It is stapled and accessible in the heart of Lindsay Heights, 53206, to improve healthcare, address health inequities, and strengthen Black residents of central Milwaukee. 

Johnny C. White, Jr. received a Doctorate in Ministry from St. Martin's Seminary, with prior studies at United Bible College and Seminary. White has an Engineering and Management Degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering—the unique combination of business and engineering and expertise in applied science with 20 years of experience.

White pastored in the African American community for 30 years and worked in nonprofit community social services for ten years. In recent years, he has been active with Community-Based Organizations (CBO) as President of Heart Love Place in Milwaukee, WI. He also served as the Director of Business Operations at the Social Development Commission (SDC). 

In a senior pastoral leadership position at Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, White witnessed the direct and indirect effects of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes on his members and residents from surrounding communities. In addition to helping community members navigate the complex healthcare system, he counseled many individuals and families who have directly dealt with the complications of poorly controlled diabetes, including lower extremity amputations, blindness, and kidney disease, and indirectly as the result of losing a loved one to poor disease self-management. As a pastor with experience in social services, White is dedicated to community engagement to improve the health disparities of African Americans. 

Johnny C. White, Jr. oversees the Health & and Wellness Center’s architectural development and works closely with health professionals to open the new Health and Wellness Care Center in the Greater Life Community Center in late Summer 2024!

Johnny C. White, Jr. is married to Varnaree White, resides in Glendale, Wisconsin, and has three adult children and grandchildren.

Board of Directors

Greater Galilee Community Development Corporation (GGCDC)

Johnny C. White, Jr.    
President GGCDC
Glendale, WI             

Larry Waters
Retired MillerCoors Senior Director & Retired Board Chair of Urban League

Herbert J. Highshaw
Interim Treasure, Secretary
Retired US Postal Service

Mark Roznik, M.D.
Retired Internal Medicine/Primary Care

Linda Williams
Retired Registered Nurse
MPS Student Health Services Supervisor 

Karen Williams
Retired MATC Faculty Member & Coordinator of the Academic Support Center